EZ Mahjong

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EZ Mahjong puzzle attracts many players around the world.

A variety of colour schemes and fancy Chinese characters will not leave a single doubt to play the exciting online game EZ Mahjong. The next version of this interesting puzzle has been prepared for you. Choose two identical tiles from the set and combine them.

Thanks to this, the same tiles are easy to find, and even an inexperienced amateur player of wonderful puzzle games in the style of mahjong solitaire will cope with this online game. For a quick solution to the problem and completing the level in a short time, you will be awarded additional bonus points. This game has tips that you can use if you cannot find the right move, and cancel the move if you notice a more effective strategy. Enjoy the beautiful classic graphics of Ez Mahjong and enjoy the game.

The game consists of many levels, which differ in layouts and complexity. Time is quite slow, but surely coming to an end. Mixing tiles comes to the rescue in difficult situations. This will help to completely change the position on the playing field and gives many new options for moves.

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